Kyle Redlin

- Graphic Designer


After college I took the opportunity to travel on and off for 2 years. While my passion of multi media design has brought me to where I am today I will never forget those years abroad in New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil and Peru. I have gained valuable experience with fellow travelers and locals alike. Before, during and after my adventures I worked in coffee, another passion of mine. The mechanics, science, and worldly culture are uniquely fascinating to me. I have led and worked as a part of some pretty impressive teams from Alterra to Ancora.


I started out in multimedia design at UW - Stout Menomonie then onto D.I.V.A.S. (Digital Interactivity Visualization Animation and Sound) at UW - Milwaukee. After traveling I dabbled with Mechanical Design 1st year at MATC Madison. Even though I was excelling with a 4.0 I found myself presented with an opportunity to collaborate my educational backgrounds at a Madison based Design and Manufacture facility Universal Presentation Concepts. It has been a perfect mix of precision and math with flexible design.